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Satellite servicing made easier

LEO Satellite Servicing

Avoid premature decommissioning and enjoy extended lifetimes.

Get more out of your space hardware through satellite servicing and operate more sustainably.

Cooperative Servicing Interfaces

Our patent pending, lightweight but rugged, robot-friendly interfaces will make your satellite much easier to identify, repair, upgrade, and/or dispose of responsibly.

Custom Space Machines

Do you have an innovative space technology you need help demonstrating? Need help with a space robotics or electromechanical application? Let our space machines gurus help you

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Altius Space Machines Inc.

Altius’ solutions are tailored to meet your On-Orbit Servicing needs from inspection, repairs, and refueling to upgrades and de-orbiting

Bulldog Servicer

DogTag Grapple Fixture

MagTag Fluid Transfer

MagTag Data Transfer

2U Combo Panel

Cryo Coupler

Dust Tolerant Tool Changer

Electro Permanent Magnets

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Our mission

To support sustainable space operations and provide cost-effective and reliable satellite servicing and end-of-life services.

Our mission
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The Amazing team at Altius

Altius believes in the power people. Come and meet the amazing crew that makes it possible.

The Amazing team at Altius
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