1 More Day To Zero-G: Holy Crap, It Works!

Today was our last full day here in Colorado before the flight, and we’re almost there. Most importantly, we tested the gripper today, and it works great! Here’s some pictures and videos. More verbiage later.

Forrest Ryan's Boom Deployer Control Electronics
Sticky Boom Deployer with Human Machine Interface Hardware Installed
Rocker Bogie v2b Gripper with Forrest's Boom End Electronics

We need to reattach the pad that pulled off tomorrow morning (fortunately it looks undamaged, and we have two spares). We also need to finish doing the system for connecting the boom ribbon cable back to the electronics box, mount the gripper, practice like crazy, and start packing for the flight.

But holy crap, it worked the first time!

8 Responses
  1. colin

    love it. love it. great work gentlemen. can’t wait to see it all integrated tomorrow. now you all need sleep. 🙂

    again, great job!

  2. Looking forward to tonight’s update, quite promising progress during the whole sprint. It’s also interesting as a management style, very different from most companies. It’s possible that you might not have been able to accomplish as much if you had twice as much time. Since you’ve already done two sprints, who knows, it might become the norm for Altius (just give yourself some time off between sprints).