Additional Speaking Engagements

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be speaking at a few events in the near future.

First, I’ll be on a panel run by Gary Hudson at the SSI Space Manfuacturing Conference this weekend at NASA Ames. For the panel, Dallas Bienhoff and I will be talking about in-space transportation technologies like depots, aerobraking, etc and their impact on cis-lunar transportation. Gary will be presenting on earth-to-LEO transportation, and Joe Carrol will also be making a presentation about the use of tethers in cis-lunar transportation.

Next, I’ve been invited to be on a space policy panel being put on by the CU Boulder SEDS chapter on Wednesday the 17th of November from 6-8pm. From the invite, we will be discussing several topics including the various sectors of the commercial space industry, and the ramifications and opportunities provided by recent changes in our country’s space policy. I don’t have full details yet on the location, but I’ll update this post once I have more.

2 Responses
  1. PrairieKirk

    Are you willing to share your slides from the Space Manufacturing Conference? I’ve seen the bullet summaries on some of the space blogs, but would enjoy reviewing your presentation.

    1. admin

      I’ll have to ask Dallas, since he was the one who did the actual presentation (I was on the panel but only really got to get a short statement in edgewise). Once we have the paper done and approved, I’ll see if I can get a copy to put up on the blog.

      Thanks for your interest!