Altius CEO’s Asteroid Redirect Mission Op-Ed Published in SpaceNews

An op-ed written by Altius CEO Jonathan Goff, describing why something similar to NASA’s proposed Asteroid Redirect Mission is worth doing, was published in last week’s Space News, and posted online today. The full article can be found here. As mentioned in the article, Altius is one of 18 companies selected by NASA to perform study contracts for the Asteroid Redirect Mission, so we’re not entirely unbiased.

1 Response
  1. Great Article! I understand all of the handwringing and infighting over the ARM profile, but find that what is really going on with the discussion is a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. So ARM is not the perfect mission, and it doesn’t scratch the entrepreneurial itch in just the right spot, but it does have real potential to help establish a toe-hold in space. I want to expand on each of your points, and will be doing so on my blog, Outbound.

    What you’ve pointed out here with the utility of the ARM is something that I’ve felt was pretty straight-forward, but I think you’ve been the first that I’ve seen to really articulate it well. Thank you.