Altius Comments to the USML Category XV Revision NPRM [Updated 8 July 2013]

[Updated 8 Jul 2013, 12:30pm MDT]

Here’s our official response to the USML Category XV NPRM. There were a few revisions and improvements from the draft I posted on Sunday morning, including some details on how we feel that leaving satellite servicing on the USML would negatively impact Altius and similar entrepreneurial startups in the space robotics and/or satellite servicing field.


5 Responses
  1. Dave Huntsman

    Well written and the key issues are handled in a comprehensive way. You’ve also performed a service by posting it. Well done, Jon.

    Dave Huntsman

  2. Jonathan Goff

    Thanks Dave!

    If I called it a labor of love, I’d have to put scare/sarcasm quotes around “love”, but someone needed to do it….

    It’s important for people to remember though that the more comments they get supporting a given position, the more likely they’ll take it seriously. So I hope people are seeing my comments as fodder for their comments, not as a “great, Jon took care of things, now we don’t need to do anything.” 🙂


  3. Dave Huntsman

    I did in fact also send in my own comments that were not as comprehensive as yours but in what they said they backed you up; hope everyone else here did the same thing.

  4. Jonathan Goff

    Thanks Dave!

    Glad you also had a chance to comment, and yeah, I hope they got at least a couple dozen good comments from industry.