Altius Leadership Transition

Effective May 21st, I will be moving up to a full-time role at our parent company, Voyager Space Holdings.  I recommended this move to enable hiring a new Altius CEO who can focus on growing and diversifying Altius’s business while enabling me to turn my full focus to growing Voyager’s (and Altius’) On-Orbit Servicing business.  As part of this move, I will be transitioning out of my current role as President and CEO of Altius Space Machines.  Paul Schauer from Voyager will be stepping in as Acting CEO while he leads the effort to recruit a successor.

I’ve loved spending the past 11 years growing Altius and working with all of our amazing team members and partners, and I’m looking forward to continuing to support Altius from my new role at Voyager,


2 Responses
  1. Dave Huntsman

    I love it. You full-time on the subject- looking across Voyager’s growing (& potential future) talent & capabilities base to create new synergies- I expect great things, my son!

    But, no pressure…….

    Dave Huntsman