Altius Selected as Finalist for the 2011 NewSpace Business Plan Competition

I found out today that Altius Space Machines was selected as one of the five finalists for the 2011 NewSpace Business Plan Competition. We’re really looking forward to the competition, and also meeting the other competing teams and seeing what we can learn from them and from the feedback we get from the judges.

I hadn’t originally been planning on competing this year, but Jeff Greason’s ISDC talk got me thinking about what exactly my goals and strategy were for Altius, and I realized that we had finally reached a point with Sticky Boom™ that I could start wrapping a solid business plan around our company’s commercialization strategy. With the help of Colin Doughan of the Space Business Blog (who’s been a good friend for many years and one of the business advisors/mentors for Altius), we were able to pull together a pretty cool team to help us put together our first formal business plan. We’ve got a story that’s been becoming more and more exciting to me personally as we’ve started getting more details of our strategy worked out, and writing the executive summary really brought home to me what an amazing opportunity we have on our hands with Sticky Boom™ if we can execute on it properly.

Anyhow, just wanted to give everyone an update. If time permits, I intend to start discussing some elements of the business plan on this blog over the coming weeks. I may also do some introductions to the guys helping make this possible.