MagTag™ Satellite Servicing Interface Workshop at Smallsat Conference

Altius is developing a MagTag™ modular plug-and-play interface for low-cost satellite servicing. MagTags are a magnetically-latched electrical connector that allows you to install modules before or after launch that repair, enhance, or otherwise change the functionality of your satellite.

Think of MagTags as a USB port for your spacecraft.

Is your spacecraft battery performance degrading? Install a battery extender. Did one of your reaction wheels start acting up? Pop on a replacement. Are laser comms really taking off after you’ve already built and launched you constellation with old-school RF links? Why not do a mid-life upgrade? Are you getting tired of having to replace your otherwise healthy IoT relay satellite every two years just because the payload is going obsolete? Why not just replace the payload and keep the rest of the satellite?

But in order to make MagTags as useful as possible, we need your feedback!

This August 6th at the 32nd Annual SmallSat Conference at Utah State University, Altius will be hosting a 1hr workshop discussing the MagTag concept and soliciting feedback from interested industry, government, and academic participants. If you would like to have a voice in defining this interface standard, please RSVP here.