New Moonandback Interviews

Last week, Alvin Remmers of posted a new interview we did last year at the SEDS conference in Boulder. Now that both segments have been published, Alvin gave me permission again, to embed them here for future reference (these interviews first appeared on, © Moonandback Media LLC, All Rights Reserved):

Part 1:

Interview with Jon Goff, Part 1 – The Sticky Boom from Moonandback Media on Vimeo.

In this part I give some updates on Stick Boom development up through October.

Part 2:

Interview with Jon Goff, Part 2 – Direct to Station from Moonandback Media on Vimeo.

In this part, I discuss our Direct to Station™ concept for enabling space station deliveries without dedicated prox-ops vehicles, discuss its potential to revolutionize how space facility-based research is done, and also introduce the idea of using a D2S™-like setup on Dragon Lab. I’ll give more info on that soon, as time permits.

Thanks again to Alvin and his camera team!

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