Altius Space Machines provide cost-effective, innovative services for all of your satellite servicing needs. We specialize in custom space solutions, prototyping and testing.

Custom Space Solutions

Altius has extensive experience developing customized interfaces for satellites and servicing spacecraft, including end-of-life disposal, on orbit refueling, power/data transfer, and docking. Our patented Electro-Permanent Magnets (EPMs) offer robust switchable magnetic latching with no moving parts or parasitic power draw.

Multiple government and commercial customers rely on Altius to provide elegant solutions to complex interfacing problems, and our team has the expertise and technology to address your unique requirements.

Altius Services - Custom Space Solutions


Rapid development and prototyping is a core competency at Altius. Our creative, agile team has over 50 years of collective experience in product design and development and is eager to develop a solution to any problem you might offer.

Our comprehensive manufacturing facilities, including metal turning and milling, additive manufacturing, clean assembly, and inspection, ensure we can quickly iterate and improve concepts. Additionally, our suite of modelling and finite element analysis software support real time design development and evaluation before material even hits the machines.

The Altius team has a proven track record of rapidly developing technologies and has taken designs from concept to full flight-qualified status in less than 6 months.

Altius Services - Prototyping

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