Space Show Classrom Appearance Tonight, April 5th

I probably owe everyone an update pretty soon, since we have been extremely busy at Altius lately, and will soon have a lot to talk about. Those of you attending theSpace Access Conference this week in Phoenix will get a sneak peek at what we’re up to, but for the rest of you, sorry for the radio silence.

While I can’t give a full update right now, I did want to let people know that I’ll be participating in a Space Show Classroom session tonight discussing orbital propellant depots. While Altius is only slightly involved with propellant depot development, we feel depot technologies and capabilities are one of the keys to enabling a robust and innovative commercial space economy.

For the show, I will be joining Dan Adamo (former FIDO for NASA JSC) and Drs. John Jurist and Jim Logan to discuss some of the technical and economic aspects of propellant depots, and their potential use for Beyond Earth Orbit transportation. The show starts at 7pm PDT, and should go for 1.5-2hrs.

I’m going to be putting up either a blog post or presentation with some thoughts and notes later today, probably over on Selenian Boondocks, but for now here’s the link to the Space Show Classroom page for tonight, and for the Listen Live link. Lastly, once the show is over, I’ll post a link to the archives.