Sticky Boom and Direct to Facility Patents Issued

While the Altius team has been busy wrapping up our Asteroid Redirect Mission BAA contract, we received notice from the US Patent Office that both of our first two patents have been approved. The first of the two patents filed, which was issued just today (March 17th), was for our Sticky Boom™ non-cooperative capture technology. The second patent filed, for our Direct to Facility capture and release technology, was issued earlier in the month on the 3rd of March. This second patent was a continuation-in-parts from the Sticky Boom patent.

We’re excited to have these two patents, as they form an important foundation for some of the exciting products and services we’re trying to bring to market in the coming years. We’d like to thank Tom Lavan, with Retarius IP Services for his help in preparing the patents and helping shepherd them through the Patent Office’s system over the past several years.